Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proton Inspira

' idea yang kurang sempurna itu adalah idea ' word from kabakoga my roommates inspired me to continue writing.. to continue blogging.. to continue sharing.. also thanks 2 angle fish.. you are the first blogger ever comment my blog.

arigato gozaimas .....

well you see..
its the same concept as proton Inspira that just come out.. 

look at both of this cars.. Proton Inspira means exactly as its sound.  i just can't imagine if they put proton evo as a name for this model.. or proton adik evo ke... its ugly.

inspired by Mitsubishi EVO 9 they made it cheaper and affordable for not me but Malaysian.. maybe you. haha,, sound poor when I said it.

ok to the point here...
the same story you always heard and read.. the complicated and jiwang one.
i will try my best to make it simple and nice.
                                                                    of course understandable too.. hehe.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

first love from a player

essay i wrote on facebook.
I am going 2 write an essay here...
hope no one interfere yet
about a man
who really handsome
but a jerk
he is really good flirting other woman
no girls escaped from his charm
but one day
he fall in love
but he cannot use his charm 2 that girl he like
b4 this
he always use his charm 2 other girl
2 use them
as a hobby
he cannot use his charm
i wonder why
so many times he wanna give up 2 her
but she is unforgetable
the story still continue
he keep his hobby
some friend feel likes he is awesome
going out with 30 different woman
many kind of student
people that he meet
like him
but still he can't get satisfaction
from them
why that girl so hard
but even he can't use his charm
he can get hold of her
they going out
they keep connected
so one day
his father force him to get married
bcoz he is a strict father
his father got a rich young beautiful girl as his son in law
the woman really want to marry him
he blur
donno what 2 to
he never have a girlfren b4
he is seriously never have that kind of responsibility
he is poor
really poor
thats the best way to be rich
should he accept it
the only thing that stop him
actually pause him
are his study to be engineer
and that first love lady
is ths love
if it is
its pathetic
its ironic
what should he do
to be contnue
read my blog

Sunday, November 7, 2010

another people I amazed

Adolf Hitler. ever heard? in a word that i can describe is DICK-TATOR .  well he is awesome dictator with an evil power.. thats why i stress the word DICK.. wanna more info about him? click on that link ok..
Read more about history and awesome people.. open your dick head so you can be SUPER man.. don't just playing around with PES and SIMCITY.. totally headed to my roommates and friends..  reading history may make you boring and starving at the same time but they do open your mind.. how can this dickhead can come-out from the Wikipedia.. damn.. do you ever wonder become famous..? we cannot be just normal..  let me brief about Hitler then to avoid you from starvation.

he is normal poor human.  Jews people always bully him.. he being influenced by a communist book then he enter army. he study charismatics and charm from famous people then become a DICK-TATOR.  he influence German with his word and kill JEWS for revenge. he is damn good with evil
thats why i said everyone can be SUPER. either SUPER-EVIL or SUPERHERO.


why superman? why? trying 2 following faizal tahir? NOOOO!!! superMAN because first; i am defitely a pure handsome young MAN. second; i am SUPERB. i am superb than anyone else not because i got laser on my eyes or super speed pair of legs( can go to harun@kabakoga house( in 10 seconds without bus ticket or using his LC )or bulletproof but i do waterproof hehehe.. it simply because i believe i am superman..
i can do what ever i believe i can do.. so you can.. just believe and working on it bebeh!!

Boredom Counts