Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Does u know what HOOKER is? Well u can Google it but I have my own definition.  
                                         Hooker = player 
if u Google it. But for me hooker is like this… I give u the situation... she already have a boyfriend that she like… but when she meet a new guy she will say that she is unhappy with her boyfriend maybe planning on breakup.. she giving a lot of hope to that new guy… she keep flirting and teasing… but she will never say she wanna be that new guy’s girlfriends… she may said she will… or she like the new guy… she will flirt a lot but no such thing as a relationship at all…he using him as a backup in case being left by her boyfriends and also a tools for help.. She asking a lot from this new guy but never gives anything in return.    U knows guys... This girl HOOKS this guy forever.


               How to identify if she or he a hooker?

1. She/ he have someone the love/like a lot.

2. She/he asking a lot of help/stuff… u can feel like u being used a lot. Usually for Money, textbook, transportation and company/companion.

3. She/he said a lot about someone the like/love... She/he may say she hate this girl...Trying to compare with u... She /he may say she rather has u as the bf/gf… but in the end they still together…

4. But to identify this…u has to stop liking this girl and open your eyes… 
I give u hints how to stop liking a girl… but it’s not usually work but u can try it… look at the guy/girl’s picture at list all the bad stuff about him… 

for example…  list bad things about Suhaimi… well he got none… hahaha… Just kidding… 
try to tell your best friend about how bad this guy but of course its consider as sin... mengumpat for exact. 
But psychologically speaking u might open your eyes…
So that’s how is it…  
 usually a hooker don’t know other hooker so be careful guys.

Next… How to Beat Up a Hooker. Wait for next issues.

Monday, April 11, 2011

hot stuff

                Wow… I am shocked…extremely shocked. I never knew that my blog being read by a lot of people but yeah with small response and comments. It’s ok… Sadly the best response comes out from the player story... its hot stuff... People like to read it... Well first of all... People always though it’s me the character in the story... but believe me... I am not a player... hahaha
                Well I planning on writing another story about player… since it’s interesting and there are so much things thing that can be learn from it. Huh.

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