Friday, September 16, 2011

superman vs loner guys

dialog 1
 loner no 1:    I wanna be a loner forever! can't I?
 superman:   no you cannot... whatever happen you cannot.
loner no 1:    who gonna stop me huh? you?
superman :  yourself
loner no 1:   huh???

superman explaining ...
                 human definitely a social creature... they cannot live all alone in this world.. they are being created like that. you got no choices. medical reports showed that people who talking and playing with others... socialize i mean... live longer in terms of health than lonely people. loner people face greater chance to get ....
                                                           heart attack , cancer , influenza & etc

people who got divorced more likely to get cancer, diabetes , tibi , suicide than people who happily married...  huh?? why you ask me???

one more... hallucination + mental problem more likely attack those loner...  for example ... all the american soldier who got prison in vietnam become insane...
                                                         don't be a joke or joker

dialog 2

loner 2 :       but i like doing things on my own... its easier and better than doing it together
superman : is it so? are you sure?
                     watching movies alone is better? playing basketball alone is better?
                     doing stuff and business alone is better? are you really sure?
loner 2:        i guess so... superman stop asking me so many question... arghh..
superman : hahaha..:D my habit lol.. ok experiment this by yourself...
                     try watching a funny movie alone and with friends...
                     compare your behaviors during than time.

                    according to me the superman and the researchers...
                    only 15% of our laughter
                    come out because of the jokes ... 
                    the other 85% because of the people around you.

superman explaining again....
so you will be happier and better while socialize with others than being alone. its a fact.
the reason why we a healthier when we socialize is we tend to laugh and smile.

thats the reason.

its simple in words but complicated in science parts.

smile and laugh cause a huge electricity turn up the fun part in our brain sending another huge power to every part in our body. this powerful stuff kills bad cell and make your body brighter like a lamp.

try this... in 3 months.. try never smile or laugh...
 instead try to make a horrible sad face for 3 months.
we will see your face changes for forever... your facial structure will change uglier i mean.

                                                     after 3 years no smiling
                                                 after 3 years to much smiling

so the conclusion my fellow readers.... get a lot of friends and meet your families frequently.
being alone is a dangerously hazardous...

smile  :D                     laugh :P                     play :O                 don't be sad yeah!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

yeaah.. raye...

after 30 days fasting without complaint. we the muslim going to celebrate our winning days after ramadhan.

i got full mark for fasting...  i feel sorry for the ladies since they never got full days fasting. haha.. sorry.

without further due while waiting for the old man to announce it at tv...

sorry for everything.. zahir wa batin...

selamat hari raye... and happy national day too..

Monday, July 25, 2011

HOW? to get your EX back...

now its come to this part huh... i'm actually don't prefer this topic but still these should be interesting. 
i read quite a few books and article and most of them have the same similar steps and technique...

rather than telling us how to get our EX back they keep telling to avoid things that usually people do to get their Ex back... in my opinion... its actually also useful if you searching better guy of girl with these kind of techniques.

ERROR #1: Over Dose the Nice Part 

guys... please... don't do this. women actually think nice and good guy equal to boring guy. its their nature... girls like adventures and dramas all the time. breaking up part of it and don't ruin your machoness..  

men however really like nice and good girl but not just to them but to others like to evaluate seeing how you interact with others.   so girls.... play hard to get to your EX is a good things.

ERROR #2: Being needy and DESPERATE

ohohoo.. this is annoying and actually keep your far away from your EX. no way your EX will like it... moving on guys... keep it cool.  think it as a rite of passage. both gender please keep it cool. its actually helping your EX to keep thinking about you. you being needy stress him/her out.

ERROR #3: Doormat syndrome and giving them power

its actually a psychology term for someone who just breakup.malay term... tempat lap kaki. "please i will do anything for you i will never look to someone else just please come back to me" dangerous to girls . you might end up at the hotel. you must have your self respect dude.

ERROR #4: Gifts, Call, Text, Wishes

its doesn't build attraction at all. these are things that actually not your EX want to... they actually want a new spark and attraction that make him/her wanna be with you again. things that make him/her miss you so much. things that make him/her regret leaving you.

ERROR #5: not keep it cool and no strategy

its a war people... its even harder than playing chess actually or any PC game. one mistake and you are dead and outta from the war. keep your head straight and let's revive our potential and charms. get back your power of love. keep it armed and loaded.

there must be a reason why the hell he/she leaving you. if you can ask him and investigate yourself the true reason. if the reason is yourself being pathetic, change yourself to be a better person... if the reason because of someone else... you still can win it. if it because of things that you cannot change ... you have to move on even if its hard.

if the reason is things that you can win it, lets check our weapon then.  

you have to remember... attraction.  women an use the play hard to get.. make him jealous moves.. if he still got the heat on you. he will regret losing you.

men...  become a great awesome and famous guy... make every girls craving for you. she will feels miserable leaving you behind dude.. 

but still... remember... rather than chasing someone that leaving you.  its better meeting someone who really care for you. its all happen with a good reason.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Man's Kryptonite

since most of the readers of my blog are women. so i wanna share something that i guess women must like about it.

man's kryptonite... 

every creation have weaknesses except for someone you know who...  human being exactly have the biggest weakness caller desire ... or lust or whatever you like to called it.   there have stage or hierarchy for desire... first and the most desirable for all human being is food... its vital.  
 let me give you the logic of it.. why food?  food is main source of all desire. when a human being in a hungry mode the only thing they will think of is food.  when a man is hungry in extreme mode. even he saw a sexy and hot women he will feel nothing except hunger.  i actually experienced that honestly.  when i am fasting even i saw a sexy women i cannot feel anything. even i wanna get lustful its just cannot happen since my stomach are empty. no energy for desire. its truth and dont call me a pervert. im just an honest guy who telling you the true damn it.

the fact is desire's source of energy is food.

so whats the relation with man's biggest kyptonite??

women out there... listen to me.. to get man listen to you.
make them full with delicious foods and they losing...
but not yet lost.
the kyptonite itself is you.   WOMEN.

napoleon the french explorer with the biggest empire fall down because of a women.
donald trump the richest guy ever once fall down because of a women
suhaimie si kacak fall down from a bicycle once because of a girl... hehe

its true that women can be men's greatest kyrptonite but women also can be men's biggest sunshine.
so its cool.
bill gates the microsoft owner become the kindhearted guy because of his wife.
Muhammad the Prophet motivated by his wife Khadijah
suhaimie si kacak become awesome once a upon a time ago because of his mother.

so women out there... you know our secret but surely choose your path.
either to PROTECT or to DESTROY ... either AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON. 

you choose your path.. i love you all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chakra , Chi and Human brain

well ..well...well...  there is a girl keep bugging me for new post in my blog.. so since she keep asking then i try my best.

do you ever met a person that when u saw them u felt calm and bright just by seeing this person without any reason??
do you ever felt some aura in a person that you can't explain it by word??
do you wanna know the reason???

i have been reading a lot and a lot of theories come out from it... but i just like one theory that really exciting.
do you ever feel something awesome and relieved after doing a good thing??? treat your hopeless friends or helping a person in needs maybe...
i'm going to be an engineer so lets get professional and scientific here. shall we?
our brain and body not just consist of merely organs, blog and etc, etc.. but also a lot of electrical charges with positive and negative ions. there all come out from the big brain of yours.

lets say our body is a machines and foods are the fuels that runs it.
the brain as a controller and the source of charges but what are the fuels that runs it????

ever thinking about it huh??
from scientific researched by by bla..bla.. bla.. boring stuff doctor... whenever human do a good deeds like helping people or even praying.. laughing and smiling happily... this cause a huge electric charges inside the freaking big brain of yours. but not just merely a charges but a positive charges.
but somehow when we do bad things or bad stuff what so ever like breaking someone hearts or killing some cats on the street and burn it you might produce a charges too but a negative one. of course with some adrenaline rush and other hormones as well.

so how about all the question i ask before...??? well... its related of course. im not some dumb who merely asking a question like that.
well you see...  chakra and chi is the usual word for a ninja or a chinese kung fu master said but its all the same as reported haha... well i dont know about ninjutsu in naruto anime but chi is definitely related to this kind of things. few people have tricks to increase their positive charges inside their body such as chinese kung fu master said... "be calm and cool my students" or in islamic perspective that also include by that bla..bla..bla.. scientists that when muslim praying and read the quran their positive charges increasing depends on the muslim concentration in what they do.

one more thing electric charges can increase or decrease depending on what we do.
thats explain why muslim being asked to pray 5 times a day. its logic dude...
so thats brain 101 for you all... hahaha

Saturday, June 25, 2011

sad story turn into comedy

i got malay languages presentation... i got testimony about a patient that got histeria and a lot of diseases. im trying to do write a really sad story for that presentation but turn out its become a comedy... ggrrr..  here goes the story...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi barakatuh dan salam sejahtera…
Nama saya Muhammad Suhaimi Ithnin. Saya berumur 35 tahun. Berasal dari Bangi Selangor. Saya merupakan bekas pesakit Darul Syifa Holding sejak syarikat ini mula beroperasi. Saya merupakan pesakit yang terawal yang telah dirawat di Pusat Rawatan ini.

            Sejak kecik saya mempunyai pelbagai masalah kesihatan yang kronik. Dengan keadaan keluarga yang miskin. Ibubapa saya berusaha gigih biarpun kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang mencari rezeki yang halal. Bapa saya bekerja sebagai petani dan kebun kami sering dilanda banjir yang teruk dan membantutkan punca rezeki kami. Ibu saya bersusah payah menjaja nasi lemak di pekan dan sering dikejar oleh pihak majlis bandaraya. Saya lahir dalam tidak cukup bulan walaupun dengan keadaan fizikal yang normal tetapi imunisasi badan saya amat lemah. Disebabkan itu saya sering sakit dan hampir setiap minggu saya akan terlantar di hospital.

            Semasa saya berumur 16 tahun, saya disahkan menghadapi migrain yang kronik , gaout dan sakit pinggang. Dengan keadaan tubuh badan seperti ini saya menghadapi pelbagai masalah untuk focus dalam pelajaran saya. Ini mengakibatkan saya sering tidak ke sekolah untuk pemeriksaan doktor dan juga menyebabkan saya gagal dalam sijil peperiksaan Malaysia. Saya sungguh kecewa dan hampa apabila memikirkan betapa saya telah mengecewakan ibubapa saya yang telah bermandi peluh menjaga saya dan 7 adik beradik yang lain. Mungkin disebabkan keadaan tekanan jiwa dan kecewa, saya telah menghadapi satu lagi dugaan besar yang amat sukar untuk saya ceritakan.

            Pada umur 19 tahun, apabila nenek saya meninggal dunia saya mendapat tahu yang saya mewarisi saka yang saya tidak rela untuk saya warisi dan saya pasti tiada siapa yang akan rela mewarisi sesuatu seperti ini. Hampir setiap malam ibubapa saya membawa saya ke Bomoh-bomoh yang pelik untuk menerima rawatan. Bomoh-bomoh semuanya cuba mengikis duit ibubapa saya tapi demi penyakit saya ibubapa saya sanggup membuat apa sahaja tidak kira halal atau haram. Walaupun terseksa dengan keadaan ini selama bertahun lamanya, penyakit yang saya hadapi tidak juga menunjukkan apa-apa perubahan yang positif.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian.

            Apabila anda dirasuk atau didamping, hidup anda akan berubah dan diselubungi misteri. Anda tidak boleh bayangkan apa yang saya lalui selama ini. Hampir setiap hari saya memberanikan diri untuk melihat wajah saya dicermin tetapi setiap kali saya melihat cermin, bukan diri saya yang saya lihat tetapi sebaliknya. Hampir setiap malam saya memberanikan untuk tidur apabila dia sentiasa dihadapan memerhati saya tidur dalam ketakutan. Perempuan berbaju putih bermuka putih serta berambut hitam beralun cantik menghantui hidup saya bertahun lamanya.


Pada satu malam, sya memberanikan diri untuk bersemuka dengan si dia untuk menanyakan soalan yang menyelubungi hidup saya selama bertahun lamanya. Kenapakah? Mengapakah? Siapakah? Itulah persoalan saya. Dia diam seketika dalam hening malam dan berkata “aku jatuh cinta pada mu wahai manusia”. “aku akan melindungi kamu wahai manusia” . “akulah penjagamu untuk seumur hidup mu wahai manusia”. 

            Jantung saya berdegup kencang dan tidak dapat berkata apa-apa. Kaku dihadapan dia yang menenung diri ini dengan mata dan muka yang menakutkan. Ini kali pertama saya melihat muka dia yang sebenar pada jarak yang sebegitu dekat. Dengan serta merta saya pitam dan apabila mata terbuka saya berada di satu tempat yang selesa dan kelihatan seorang lelaki berjanggut putih dan berkopiah putih sedang tersenyum dan menyapu muka ini dengan air.

            Itulah detik pertama saya berada dipusat perubatan Islam Darul Syifa’ Holding. Orang yang berjanggut putih berkopiah tersebut adalah Dato’ Dr. Harun Din. Ibubapa saya membawa saya ke situ setelah saya tidak sedarkan diri selama 3 hari dibilik. Saya telah menerima rawatan rasukan jin serta bekam selama 2 minggu berturut-turut. Selain rawatan ustaz dipusat tersebut selalu menasihati dan mengajar saya untuk sentiasa kembali pada Allah. Mereka mengajar ketabahan hati dan kesabaran merupakan sesuatu yang Allah cintakan. Semakin hari saya semakin sihat dan kuat. Fizikal dan mental saya berubah kepada sesuatu yang sangat berlainan selain hati saya yang lebih tenang.

            Kini saya menghadapi segala ujian dan dugaan Allah dengan lebih sabar dan tenang. Saya percaya Allah tidak akan memberi ujian kepada hambanya selain Dia tahu kita pasti akan dapat menempuh ujian tersebut. Sekarang juga Alhamdulillah saya telah mengambil Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia sekali lagi dan lulus dengan cemerlang dan bekerja sebagai juruteknik di Syarikat korporat selepas keluar dari Politeknik Kuala Lumpur. Saya juga telah berkahwin dan dikurniakan 7 orang anak dan hidup bahagia di Bangi.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

            Begitulah kisah hidup saya berubah sekelip mata dengan kuasa Allah selepas Syarikat Darul Syifa’ Holding datang membantu dengan perubatan Islam yang nyata berkesan dengan keyakinan yang teguh dan utuh. Terima kasih Darul Syifa’. Terima kasih Ibu dan Ayah. Terima kasih Ya Rabb.    

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ways to know if HE \ SHE lying

Lie is one of the most problematic issues in every relationship either you are married or not. Most of us always trying to find a way to know what your partner is up to whether he\she is a cheating bastard or not.  Well after a few research I might come out with a few tricks or actually a scientific ways to find out if he\she is lying or not. We have 3 basic ways to know it.
First is irregularity. This is effective against a married couple or a couple that being in a relationship for quite a long time. There have this irregularity in their emotion, way of speaking and physically. Commonly your partner always saying something let’s say normally without any interest or slumber mode. But at that time when u asks him\her suddenly he\she become out of slumber mode and eager to tell you everything. He\she might sweating a lot or emotionally unstable when u ask a lot of questions.  That’s irregularity showed us that he in a fight mode when the adrenaline rush into their brain to think. A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent person will often go on the offensive. Well frankly speaking yes their using all of their energy to create a story and your partner suddenly a different person that you ever know.
Second are eyes. Eyes holds a lot of secrets including love, hatred and guilty.  Whenever someone trying to lie they will avoid eye contact or to focus on the eye contact. When someone tries to confess or speak you should look into their eyes. Ask them question directly and see their eyes reaction or their movement. If his\her eyes looking to the right then he\she is lying to you and if he\she is avoiding your eyes then he\she also might lying to you.  

Third is fleeing. Commonly this is the best way to avoid being detected. Rather than lying to you how about not lying at all. This showed that the adrenalin rush through his\her head and give an option whether to fight or flee. And now your partner chooses fleeing. They usually avoiding the subject or change the topics. They usually using humor or sarcasm to avoid a subject and unconsciously putting a thing between you two (etc coffee or book). Honest person always using this way to lie since he\she not used to it.
                To finish this, irregularity is the best way to detect your beloved one is lying to you. But of course even you know that they lied to you but the best thing is to avoid any fight in your relationship. Rather than crushing your marriages or relationship it’s the best if you find the reason why they lied to you. Maybe the reason things happen due to of lack of communication between you two. Decreasing in love and times also might comes to this. Treasure your marriage because it’s not just about you two but it’s about your children and families.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Does u know what HOOKER is? Well u can Google it but I have my own definition.  
                                         Hooker = player 
if u Google it. But for me hooker is like this… I give u the situation... she already have a boyfriend that she like… but when she meet a new guy she will say that she is unhappy with her boyfriend maybe planning on breakup.. she giving a lot of hope to that new guy… she keep flirting and teasing… but she will never say she wanna be that new guy’s girlfriends… she may said she will… or she like the new guy… she will flirt a lot but no such thing as a relationship at all…he using him as a backup in case being left by her boyfriends and also a tools for help.. She asking a lot from this new guy but never gives anything in return.    U knows guys... This girl HOOKS this guy forever.


               How to identify if she or he a hooker?

1. She/ he have someone the love/like a lot.

2. She/he asking a lot of help/stuff… u can feel like u being used a lot. Usually for Money, textbook, transportation and company/companion.

3. She/he said a lot about someone the like/love... She/he may say she hate this girl...Trying to compare with u... She /he may say she rather has u as the bf/gf… but in the end they still together…

4. But to identify this…u has to stop liking this girl and open your eyes… 
I give u hints how to stop liking a girl… but it’s not usually work but u can try it… look at the guy/girl’s picture at list all the bad stuff about him… 

for example…  list bad things about Suhaimi… well he got none… hahaha… Just kidding… 
try to tell your best friend about how bad this guy but of course its consider as sin... mengumpat for exact. 
But psychologically speaking u might open your eyes…
So that’s how is it…  
 usually a hooker don’t know other hooker so be careful guys.

Next… How to Beat Up a Hooker. Wait for next issues.

Monday, April 11, 2011

hot stuff

                Wow… I am shocked…extremely shocked. I never knew that my blog being read by a lot of people but yeah with small response and comments. It’s ok… Sadly the best response comes out from the player story... its hot stuff... People like to read it... Well first of all... People always though it’s me the character in the story... but believe me... I am not a player... hahaha
                Well I planning on writing another story about player… since it’s interesting and there are so much things thing that can be learn from it. Huh.

Boredom Counts