Friday, June 8, 2012

We are Analytic Guy not a PERV!!!

Coming back from the final exam? Exhausted aren’t you?

Take a break… Have a Kit Kat

Have Some…

OK to the topics today… looks what I found.

Reading my body language books… I gain one crucial thing…

As a guy… it’s a tough thing for us to search for things in the closets or in the room... 

Usually we just yelling and said “Mom!!! Where’s my stoking? ” … 
“Where’s my charger?” and “where’s my underwear?”

When our mother’s come… she will find in a blink of eyes… 
at first I was … what kind of sorcery is this? I have been looking for an hour… 

and then I think it must be because she the one who arrange all the stuff inside the house so it’s logical she know where is it…

But all the above reasons such as sorcery or that kind of logical thinking not entirely true although some of mothers in the world there are sorceries and witches but no. 
Most of the mother are not witches and there don’t need to memorize all the stuff inside the household. 
Why you ask me?

Women have peripheral vision but men have tunnel vision… 

so women all over the world… please… please… don’t blame us if we cannot find our own socks… there’s a scientific reasons for that. 

You don’t get me?

Here some picture…

Ok… peripheral vision simply said is women can look at things wider view inside their head without even look at it. 
For example… her eyeball facing the face but actually she’s looking at that guy’s hand and feet. 
Wow…amazing right.  For us guys that ability is awesome… if you know what I mean.

Our mother can look wider that us guys because of their wider vision. They can check all areas without moving their head.

Tunnel vision for guys however have a literally tunnel vision… focusing like a binocular that women never have. That’s the reason why men is a better hunter and soldier that women but please women… please understand us… most of us men always caught red-handed looking at the place that women thinks us as a pervert

To be a good analytic person, looking at the entire body to check their personality is crucial. So not all of us are pervert, we may just check your feet or your hand. It’s our tunnel vision that makes us obviously looking at checking like a pervert.

We are created by Allah … men and women… that’s another one reason why men and women need one another.  So stop same gender-marriage please… urgghh…. Disgusting!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


In virtual world nowadays, if you went offline means you r caught in rural areas or jail or even worse deaths.
In my case I went to rural area damn right… camping.

Went to jail…? Yup… exam period kind of jail…

Death…yes… lose interest kind of death... Found awesome RPG game and got addicted.

Nothing serious… just camping made my face black n full of pimples.

Exam period adding more pimples and stress

Addicted to game made my eyes red and shrinking my face

If I got picture of me before all this happen I will show it but I don’t have it. I do have picture of me now.

But fortunately… all things happen with good thing come forward.
Camping made me happy with extra-large group of friends… they are all good husband kind of guy. Seriously not my kind of friend’s type but still we match well together.

Exam period suffering made me have more confident in exam… wish me got good results. Amen.

Lose interest to virtual life for a while and turn to RPG game somehow avoid me watching bad stuff and saving my 5G limit in my broadband. Fuuh… all went well.

But the most shocking new that keep me awake from the day I noticed the true is… jeng..jeng..jeng…..
I inherited bAldness hairstyle form my grandfather and my uncles… I am going to look like our Malaysian PM Najib. Argh!! Things that you cannot change… just accept it dude!!


*M.I.A - missing in action
*RPG – role play game

Boredom Counts