Friday, September 16, 2011

superman vs loner guys

dialog 1
 loner no 1:    I wanna be a loner forever! can't I?
 superman:   no you cannot... whatever happen you cannot.
loner no 1:    who gonna stop me huh? you?
superman :  yourself
loner no 1:   huh???

superman explaining ...
                 human definitely a social creature... they cannot live all alone in this world.. they are being created like that. you got no choices. medical reports showed that people who talking and playing with others... socialize i mean... live longer in terms of health than lonely people. loner people face greater chance to get ....
                                                           heart attack , cancer , influenza & etc

people who got divorced more likely to get cancer, diabetes , tibi , suicide than people who happily married...  huh?? why you ask me???

one more... hallucination + mental problem more likely attack those loner...  for example ... all the american soldier who got prison in vietnam become insane...
                                                         don't be a joke or joker

dialog 2

loner 2 :       but i like doing things on my own... its easier and better than doing it together
superman : is it so? are you sure?
                     watching movies alone is better? playing basketball alone is better?
                     doing stuff and business alone is better? are you really sure?
loner 2:        i guess so... superman stop asking me so many question... arghh..
superman : hahaha..:D my habit lol.. ok experiment this by yourself...
                     try watching a funny movie alone and with friends...
                     compare your behaviors during than time.

                    according to me the superman and the researchers...
                    only 15% of our laughter
                    come out because of the jokes ... 
                    the other 85% because of the people around you.

superman explaining again....
so you will be happier and better while socialize with others than being alone. its a fact.
the reason why we a healthier when we socialize is we tend to laugh and smile.

thats the reason.

its simple in words but complicated in science parts.

smile and laugh cause a huge electricity turn up the fun part in our brain sending another huge power to every part in our body. this powerful stuff kills bad cell and make your body brighter like a lamp.

try this... in 3 months.. try never smile or laugh...
 instead try to make a horrible sad face for 3 months.
we will see your face changes for forever... your facial structure will change uglier i mean.

                                                     after 3 years no smiling
                                                 after 3 years to much smiling

so the conclusion my fellow readers.... get a lot of friends and meet your families frequently.
being alone is a dangerously hazardous...

smile  :D                     laugh :P                     play :O                 don't be sad yeah!!!

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