Thursday, May 5, 2011

ways to know if HE \ SHE lying

Lie is one of the most problematic issues in every relationship either you are married or not. Most of us always trying to find a way to know what your partner is up to whether he\she is a cheating bastard or not.  Well after a few research I might come out with a few tricks or actually a scientific ways to find out if he\she is lying or not. We have 3 basic ways to know it.
First is irregularity. This is effective against a married couple or a couple that being in a relationship for quite a long time. There have this irregularity in their emotion, way of speaking and physically. Commonly your partner always saying something let’s say normally without any interest or slumber mode. But at that time when u asks him\her suddenly he\she become out of slumber mode and eager to tell you everything. He\she might sweating a lot or emotionally unstable when u ask a lot of questions.  That’s irregularity showed us that he in a fight mode when the adrenaline rush into their brain to think. A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent person will often go on the offensive. Well frankly speaking yes their using all of their energy to create a story and your partner suddenly a different person that you ever know.
Second are eyes. Eyes holds a lot of secrets including love, hatred and guilty.  Whenever someone trying to lie they will avoid eye contact or to focus on the eye contact. When someone tries to confess or speak you should look into their eyes. Ask them question directly and see their eyes reaction or their movement. If his\her eyes looking to the right then he\she is lying to you and if he\she is avoiding your eyes then he\she also might lying to you.  

Third is fleeing. Commonly this is the best way to avoid being detected. Rather than lying to you how about not lying at all. This showed that the adrenalin rush through his\her head and give an option whether to fight or flee. And now your partner chooses fleeing. They usually avoiding the subject or change the topics. They usually using humor or sarcasm to avoid a subject and unconsciously putting a thing between you two (etc coffee or book). Honest person always using this way to lie since he\she not used to it.
                To finish this, irregularity is the best way to detect your beloved one is lying to you. But of course even you know that they lied to you but the best thing is to avoid any fight in your relationship. Rather than crushing your marriages or relationship it’s the best if you find the reason why they lied to you. Maybe the reason things happen due to of lack of communication between you two. Decreasing in love and times also might comes to this. Treasure your marriage because it’s not just about you two but it’s about your children and families.

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