Monday, January 10, 2011

handle frustation

frustation@depressed.... everyone must feel this before right?
the older we got the more frustration we going to face.i am 20 and im frustrated a lot. whats the reason? study said we worry a lot of thing that we shouldn't even need to worry. etc.

1-whenever im depressed i try harder to think logically. listing everything in minds.
    # girls problem... find another still young and handsome, piece of cake. not desperate at all.
    # them and talk..settle in man 2 man talk.. easy...
    # study...cannot understand a bit? i got friends.. drop the subjects of find a good harder..
       hard but not impossible. them..slow talk..apologizes... easy..its all about your ego dude.
    #family...same methods... miscommunication  made it worse. 

2-whenever im depressed..i talk way too much.. being a pain in a ass to my friends. tell them even they doesnt wanna listen. just talk and express it happily or mad. my roommate must annoy with me.. even the wall in my room annoy with me.. hahaha.. im even talk with my wall.. facebook wall or blogging relieved the frustation.

3-spirituality dude... one of the best way. talk to HIM. HE will listen.

its easy when we say it but hard when its comes to us right? that's why we need others to remind us.
                                             p/s currently im totally in  frustration mode.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

split personalities

 do you ever feel like changing to someone else sometimes? becomes different person that you used to be? if you used to be childish happy go lucky type, sometimes you feel like wanna be someone cold and ignorance type of person..
                                    Guess what?
Yup sure i like that.. sometimes i dont even realize that.. i becomes so cold and ignorance.. its happen...
back there when my family and i visit my so excited and 'gile-gile' all the time.
                  then someday i change at sudden.. becomes cold,angry all the time and ignore everything around family was freaked out and asked me what happen.. i got no reason. its continue for a week.

i guess i do have split personalities but i do remember what happen just i dont know how to explain.
and by the way..i do talking to myself a lot. i do hurting my knuckles a lot.
    i can think only one reason... trauma being alone so much.

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